A symposium about botanic gardens was held at Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel last June 2016. It was hosted by the World Orchid Conference.  Attendees enjoyed a double treat as a fair for propane smokers was occurring just across the road and our friends at http://homewaresinsider.com shouted the team a hearty lunch. The symposium however presented opportunities for enthusiasts and experts alike to interact and to learn more about botanic gardens by talks held by some of the experts in the field.

botanic-gardens_01Professor Delmer Gauthier held a talk about the scientific development and the history of botanic gardens. Botanic gardens of different origins vary in dynamics. Since they’ve been around for a long time, the topic had an extensive and substantial discussion. Dr. Bertrand Pomerleau discussed about the results and strategies in the establishment of botanic gardens, and Dr. Audrey Brault expounded more about the significance of botanic gardens in recent times. Participants learned all about the essentials of botanic gardens and how they adapt with the constantly changing world. Botanic gardens are not just for experts, and since they prove essential and beneficial nowadays, this symposium also benefited those who were interested about the topic but do not know much about it yet.

It was also an avenue for an open discussion about botanic gardens, not just plants in general. The symposium also introduced to the attendees the opportunities for visiting and touring botanical gardens so that they will be more oriented about it. It was also a way for experts to gain experience, as presentation of posters was also done. The event was held at a hotel, which is also convenient for guests, as the event was accessible and there were also other hotels available for accommodations.

The Botanic Garden Symposium was a gathering of the most knowledgeable and the most interested in the field. It presented opportunities for experts to get to know each other and for enthusiasts to discover more about the extensive range of topics. Botanic gardens prove to be essential and dynamic, and the symposium was an avenue for enthusiasts to synthesize knowledge to keep up with the changing trends.

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